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During the peak of the Harlem Renaissance, a black-Irish woman who was raised by her Irish immigrant mother and Southern father to be aware of the Fair Folk and their tricky ways in this new country already has her hands full in a city overloaded with new chances and parties left and right. Now she's at a high class party where the booze is free flowing-- and incredibly illegal. With mysterious strangers and prospective patrons, the overlap of business with pleasure gets all the more complicated when it turns out not all of them are entirely on the up and up-- or human.

A VN demo set in 1923, where the MC has very little to lose and is looking for the experience of a lifetime.


twilight-in-the-garden-of-temperance-win-linux.zip 51 MB
Version 1.0 Jul 21, 2019
twilight-in-the-garden-of-temperance-osx.zip 32 MB
Version 1.0 Jul 21, 2019


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Ooh! Right off the bat I was digging the music and animated petals on the title screen.

The logo is gorgeous as well, though the name is a bit of a mouthful. :') I hope you guys don't mind me calling it TitGoT. (hahahaha)

AS I WAS TYPING THIS A THING APPEARED ON-SCREEN!!! Delightful coding on you guys's part but dang..... is it upset that I haven't started the game yet? 

(The thing proceeded to haunt my every background, leaving me feeling deeply unsettled. Was this my punishment for taking notes on a game...? Was I being punished..? Or does it appear no matter what? It seems so angry with me, perhaps it wishes it had its own route...........)

On a serious note - it's cute, and I imagine it's a temporary easter egg. At present, it takes away some suspension of disbelief -- particularly during Tara's more engaging scenes. 

As it was stated in-game that Jackie dances, I was immediately compelled to pursue them. We must dance togeth--

  • "Do you dance?"
  • "Oh goodness no."


Lovely set-up wherein Jackie can start introducing us to everyone and sharing their opinion of them though. I then got an ending in which we left the party together, which I imagined was the good ending at first, but then found to be the only Jackie ending for right now. Still, it left me with a good feeling of success, so I'd call it good. :) 

(Tangent, Jackie puts me in the mind of a post-frog Prince Naveen. Very enticing romantic choice, as such.)

I next pursued the only other option Tara (I was surprised that the "Lady with Stacks" is not yet a romance option considering how much MC fancied her), and I'd like to note that her eye is gold in the sprite, but green in the narration. 

Her design truly is jaw-droppingly gorgeous though. There's something fiercely primal yet composed about her dialogue and appearance (a deadly combo), and I like her a lot.

The MC is seems to find something acutely attractive about everybody they meet; which is hard for me to personally relate to, but perhaps expected in a dating sim. I'm also surprised the page characterizes the MC as having "very little to lose" when we have such a knowledgeable and caring mam back home.

Overall I found the game enjoyable, if a bit confusing in tone (largely due to the easter egg creature). The writing can be ponderous, but does a good job engaging the senses and placing scenes. In particular, "I can feel the warmth of her leg through her skirts." was a line I liked very much, and there was some on-point description when Tara places her hand on MC's chin.

The setting (prohibition meets fae) is fascinating, and the music is on-point. You guys accomplished a good amount in the timespan we were given, and I'm super proud of you! ❤

A solid start with a handful of scenes, that definitely sparked some interest to see more with what is there, seeing the differences and sides with the choices makes it worth a read through or two too.

I really liked it. A good short visual novel with unique characters and some fun little easter eggs set in 1920's chicago....... with faeries. whats not to love?